Facebook donates $10M and rolls out Vaccine Finder tool in India

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Facebook donates $10M and rolls out Vaccine Finder tool in India

Facebook, a social networking service company, has reportedly announced a grant of $10 million and rolled out a Vaccine Finder tool in India. These initiatives have been taken with an objective to support emergency response efforts as the South Asian nation is currently grappling with the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those unversed, Facebook has collaborated with numerous organizations such as USISPF (US-India Strategic Partnership Forum), Project Mumbai, I Am Gurgaon, Hemkunt Foundation, Swasth, and United Way to boost critical medical supplies and hospital bed capacity. These medical supplies include nearly 5,000 oxygen concentrators as well as other life-saving equipment like ventilators and BiPAP machines.

Furthermore, the American social media company has joined hands with the Indian government to launch a Vaccine Finder tool on its marquee app. This tool has been made available in 17 languages and was designed to help people spot and identify vaccine centers in their vicinity. Apart from the company, Bangalore-based WiFi Dabba, which has been focusing on developing a low-cost ISP, also has unveiled a tool to help people seamlessly find their vaccination slots.

Recently, India has started accepting appointment requests to vaccinate people of 18-45 years of age. The country, however, is presently facing the shortage of COVID vaccine. In line with these challenges, Facebook is supporting the non-government organizations as well as United Nation agencies in the region with ad credits to reach its users with vaccine and preventive health information. Moreover, the company is catering to the members of UNICEF India with health resources regarding emergency care and management of mild symptoms at home.

The pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has recently announced the delivery of its medicines worth $70 million in India. The company’s Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Albert Bourla, has reportedly cited that it is committed to assisting the country in its fight against the pandemic and is rapidly targeting to mobilize its largest humanitarian relief effort.

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