Mintra & Future Care team up to reinforce support to maritime industry

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Mintra & Future Care team up to reinforce support to maritime industry

Mintra, a leading provider of digital learning and human capital management software, has reportedly entered into a strategic partnership with Future Care Inc., an International SOS firm, to reinforce support to the maritime industry. The partners will improve client services and collaborate to recognize areas for innovation and further expansion.

Future Care offers a range of onboard and shoreside medical services which includes telemedical support to numerous vessels that operate without a physical onboard. On the other hand, Mintra has expertise in the industry as a provider of crew management software and safety-critical e-learning.

Both companies have similar values, philosophies, and aim towards fostering safer shipping through their consolidated global networks.

According to Jorunn Eldøy, the Maritime Team Lead at Mintra, there were numerous opportunities for cross-collaboration, with the central idea of both operations being people’s safety while they are at work.

Eldøy noted that Mintra offers soft skills and technical training that are crucial for maintaining the safety, compliance, and competency of seafarers. The health services of Future Care, both at shoreside as well as sea ensure that seafarers obtain high-quality care and a treatment plan in case of an illness or injury.

Earlier in 2021, Mintra extended its library of maritime-specific e-learning and carried out enhancements to its Trainingportal Offline learning and competency management system. It is a platform specially developed for the challenges of remote locations like ships with limited or zero internet connectivity.

Future Care has more than two decades of cost containment and medical management expertise within the maritime industry. It is run by International SOS, which has been associated with Mintra for several years.

The New Jersey-based company offers a wide range of services, including 24/7 medical advice, response to the captain or medical officer of the ship, shoreside assistance from a network of more than 91,000 audited and approved medical providers, treatment plans to assist seafarers to return to duty along with cost containment services.

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