Predictmedix reveals Safe Entry Stations deployment at 4 office towers

Date: 2021-04-20   Author: Pankaj Singh  Category: #news

Predictmedix reveals Safe Entry Stations deployment at 4 office towers

Predictmedix Inc., an artificial intelligence company, has reportedly announced the deployment of Safe Entry Stations at its four key office towers in Calgary and Edmonton. The deployment of this AI-powered solution was initiated in partnership with Juiceworks Exhibits and Aspen Properties.

The multi-unit, 24-month contract has been assisted by Calgary’s The Edison, The Ampersand, Palliser Complex, and Edmonton’s Bell Tower by providing a voluntary symptom option of infectious diseases for the tenants. Safe Entry Stations are AI-powered, multi-grade multispectral cameras that leverage a proprietary hardware configuration and thermal imaging to capture the instantly analyzed data patterns. This solution immediately assesses individuals who enter the shared spaces by screening them for multiple symptoms of various infectious diseases like COVID-19. These comprehensive, autonomous AI algorithms are also evolving continuously via machine learning and are instantly deployed on the cloud to provide a multi-symptom analysis in a matter of seconds.

As per the statement made by Scott Hutcheson, Aspen’s Co-founder, the company is pleased to deploy Safe Entry Stations in its buildings to improve the quality of life for its team members. This high-volume symptom screening has also significantly added innovative tools to its properties, which can lead to peace of mind for both guests and tenants during uncertain times.

JUICEWORKS’ Founder & President, Jonathan Auger, has reportedly cited that the company is excited to work with Scott as well as the whole team of experts at Aspen who have been placing high emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of the tenants by creating safe spaces.

According to Predictmedix’s Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Rahul Kushwah, the company has shown excitement to join hands with Aspen Properties and deploy Safe Entry Stations to simplify its further expansion in the commercial real estate sector. It also provides the company with a unique opportunity and high visibility to showcase its cutting-edge technologies.

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