YouTube tests a ‘Promotions’ tab in YouTube Studio for select creators

Date: 2022-09-01   Author: Pankaj Singh  Category: #news

YouTube tests a ‘Promotions’ tab in YouTube Studio for select creators

Social media giant YouTube is reportedly experimenting with a new way for creators to help them promote their channels and content without going through Google Ads Manager.

Apparently, the Google-owned firm is testing a new “Promotions” tab within the YouTube Studio, making it easier for creators to buy ads.

According to the firm, the new tab is being assessed with a limited number of creators on the desktop.

The creators are looking for more tools to grow their channel and reach a wider audience. To address these needs, YouTube is testing a simpler comprehensive workflow in Studio, which can be used in place of Google Ads, stated the firm.

Notably, this new addition will make it easier for creators to run a quick promotion for their content and offer them a way to expand their presence on the platform. This feature will also aid YouTube in generating more revenue from ads.

With this new feature, creators will be able to view key metrics on the primary app, aligning it with the YouTube Studio app.

It is imperative to note that earlier, creators were only able to view metrics about live streams, Shorts, and videos from the Studio app. However, they apparently can view these metrics from the top iOS and Android YouTube apps.

YouTube cites that the primary goal of this new addition is to help creators better understand the performance of a content type over others on their channels.

Furthermore, the platform will also unveil a new way to manage live streams. The creators can now manage, schedule, and edit upcoming and live mobile streams in Live Control Room and YouTube Studio.

Like other test features, it is yet unknown when the social media behemoth plans to roll out the promotions tab more widely.

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